Tana Mongeau flees Colorado getaway after receiving death threats

Tana Mongeau flees Denver getaway after death threatsYouTube: Tana Mongeau

YouTube star and “storytime” connoisseur Tana Mongeau has been forced to leave her vacation spot in Denver, Colorado after allegedly receiving death threats.

Tana Mongeau is one of the internet’s more divisive personalities; having married (and subsequently split from) YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, Mongeau has caught the eye of many on YouTube space since her TanaCon fiasco in 2018.

Despite the scandals, it’s hard not to love the constantly-bubbly, self-deprecating humor of the internet star, who isn’t shy about poking fun at herself; but it seems that someone is bent on getting across their displeasure with the YouTuber.

On December 28, Mongeau revealed in an Instagram story that she’d had to suddenly leave the cabin she’d been staying at in Denver, Colorado overnight after receiving several alleged death threats during her vacation.

“Earlier, when I posted ‘Bye Denver!’ I wasn’t actually leaving Denver at all,” she said, referring to a prior post she’d made. “People were just threatening our home and trying to kill us there, so now I’m in a hotel.”

That’s not all; Mongeau followed up her story with another post, explaining that she’d procured a jet to fly back home to Los Angeles the very next day.

“To continue from last night’s saga, we booked a jet to get the f**k up out of here… how are you?” she continued.

While it’s certainly harrowing being sent death threats of any kind, Mongeau has shown that she knows how to roll with the punches, constantly poking fun at the situation and even joking around with her “bros” on the jet before they took off to LA.

The seriousness of the situation doesn’t seem to be swaying her critics, though, who have taken issue with everything from Tana traveling amid the current health crisis to even questioning if she actually received the threats, at all.

Thus far, it doesn’t look like Tana is letting the debacle get her down — but her situation speaks to the fact that, no matter how you feel about someone, death threats are never the right way to express those feelings.