Addison Rae sparks backlash after playing Among Us with Corpse, Dream, Pokimane & more

Addison Rae under fire for playing Among Us with Corpse DreamYouTube: Corpse Husbad / InnerSloth, Addison Rae, Dream

TikTok star Addison Rae is facing the ire from fans of popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers, including Corpse Husband, Dream, Pokimane, and Quackity, after agreeing to play in Among Us with them.

Despite her bubbly personality and upbeat content, TikToker Addison Rae also draws criticism online, with her following now exceeding 70 million on TikTok.

And this trend isn’t going away anytime soon, as Rae has once again become the subject of controversy — this time, just for playing Among Us with a group of the game’s biggest personalities.

On December 29, Twitch streamer Pokimane announced that she would be playing in an online lobby with such names as Dream, Quackity and Corpse Husband. Addison Rae’s name was also included in the mix, leading to a swath of negative reactions from fans of the other participants.

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In fact, many seemed to be shocked that Rae was chosen to participate instead of popular streamer Sykkuno, leading to further backlash around the situation.

“I log on to find out Addison Rae is playing with Corpse??” one fan tweeted. “Logging back off.”


However, plenty of viewers have asked the so-called “stans” to avoid harassing Rae and other invited TikTokers, such as Larray, even if they might not be enthusiastic about their involvement in the upcoming game.

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And they weren’t alone, floods of comments disappointed that Addison was playing kept coming. “When I saw Addison Rae, not to be mean or anything, my smile kinda dropped. This better not become common,” another fan said.

Others called Addison out for her past controversies, calling her “problematic.”

Viewers send hate in stream chats

After the stream concluded and the group had enjoyed some Among Us together, Addison thanked the streamers for the invitation and said “I had so much fun & have so much love & respect for the people I got to do it with.”

But, the Twitch chats had been less than courteous, and some of Addison’s fans tried to support her after some of the hate that had come her way.

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Due to the toxicity in Twitch chats, streamers Dream and Quackity turned their chats to emote only mode, to prevent further vitriol.

Clearly, despite the group wanting to play together, there was a large contingent of fans who disagreed with the collaboration. However, the streamers themselves had a great time – Dream commented that it was a “blast”, and Karl Jacobs thanks Addison for joining them.

Whether future collaborations with TikTok stars and the Among Us crew happen or not remains to be seen, but the disdain from fans may be enough to put one or both parties off the idea for a bit.

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Addison Rae’s drama over Dream merch

This latest outrage comes several weeks after Rae received merchandise from Dream, which similarly set off an avalanche of negativity toward the TikToker and her own fanbase.

Addison shows off Dream's merch.Instagram: Addison Rae
Addison Rae shared the merch she’d received from Dream to her Instagram story – leading to a wave of backlash from Dream’s fanbase. Dream later claimed he was “embarrassed” by his fans’ behavior over the matter.

Many critics have called out Rae for her past, noting that she had shared a post that called the Black Lives Matter movement a “cult” four years ago.

Still, others claim that Rae told fellow TikToker Kyo Cyr to “say the N word” during a live stream. Rae has repeatedly denied this allegation, stating that she had merely asked Cyr if he’d said it after his chat pointed it out. She did not say the slur in question during the stream.

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