Best New World streamers to watch on Twitch

Dylan Horetski
new world twitch streamers

Now that Amazon Game Studio’s latest release, New World, has been out for a few weeks, there are plenty of streamers who have been broadcasting the game over on Twitch. Here are five of the best New World streamers to keep an eye on.

Amazon Game Studio’s released their second game (and first MMO) into the wild on September 28, 2021. Since then, it’s taken Twitch by storm. Peaking at over 950,000 viewers on launch day, it started out on the top of the streaming platform’s categories.

Since then, it’s maintained over 100k peak viewers, with the exception being the day hundreds of players were accidentally banned. Thanks to this, the game has maintained a top 10 position in all the game categories offered by Twitch.

Considering its popularity, there are hundreds of streamers showcasing the game, and we’re here to show you five of the best.

Best New World Streamers to watch

new world sixth in twitch categories
New World has maintained a top 10 spot on the list of Twitch categories, being 6th at the time of writing.


With over 112k followers, Fengrush has streamed the game almost daily since its release. The creator also uploads New World videos on his YouTube channel.

You can check out his schedule on his channel.


Actionjaxon offers squad mode, allowing you to watch who he’s playing with as well — all on the same screen. This allows a more interactive stream for over 152k followers. Self-proclaiming to be “bad at video games,” his channel description mentions: “Let’s make a community and be pretty ok at video games together”


With a massive 2m followers, CDN offers New World streams as well as a variety of other games like Hunt Showdown and Hot Wheels Unleashed.

CDN is also the only creator listed that does not use a webcam during his gameplay.


Consistently sitting towards the top of the category with almost 700k followers, Sacriel offers New World streams as well as a variety of others to enjoy. Sacriel often teams up with fellow streamers Shroud, Just9n, and iiTzTimmy on other games like Back 4 Blood.


Almost exclusively speaking Portuguese, it’s hard to not include YoDa in this list with his massive 2.1m followers and 7k viewers at the time of writing. Besides New World, he also streams games like League of Legends and Valorant.

It appears that Amazon has a hit on their hands, and there’s a very good chance we’ll see some of these creators stream the MMO for a long time to come.

This comes as good news to the companies game studio, which eventually cancelled the development of its first release after moving it back to closed beta due to poor beta reviews.