New World players furious as terrible bug accidentally bans them for 36hrs

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New World players are furious after getting banned from the game for upwards of 36 hours due to an accidental bug. 

Amazon Games’ MMO, New World, has had some fans raving since its release, while others have been frustrated with its long queue times and troubling glitches.

The game is still in its relative infancy, so growing pains are understandable. Yet, when you have a mass of players unable to log into the game for over a day, you start to get worried.

Amazon Games customer service is certainly aware of the issue at hand, but the question remains: “how much longer will this continue?”

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As beautiful a game as New World is, its all for not if players are unable to trust its servers.

New World bug: Status & Updates

As of October 7, there is no known solution to a bug that is preventing many players from launching New World. Instead, they are booted back to the main menu, and the cycle repeats.

The New World forums have been flooded with complaints coming in from all over the world, as seemingly thousands of players are experiencing the same issue.

A post with the largest thread attached images of chats with customer service where an Amazon Games rep assures the player that their account is fine, that this is a sweeping issue, and that they “are working on it to solve it.”

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This post was originally put up on the forum on October 6, with other posts going up around the same time reporting similar connectivity issues.

At the time of this article’s publication, the post has received nearly 900 comments with players expressing their frustrations on the same issue.

The New World Twitter account has not posted anything regarding the bug, only responding to occasional forum posts assuring players that they are working to resolve the issue quickly.

It’s unclear how long this ban will continue, but we will provide updates if/when the issue is resolved, stay tuned.