How to unlock the new Overwatch Halloween Terror weekly challenge skins

Overwatch 2021 Weekly challenge epic skinsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event is officially live for 2021, and Blizzard has given us a new trio of Epic skins that are only available by completing weekly challenges. Here’s what you’ll need to do to unlock each one.

Weekly challenges offer players a chance to unlock limited-time skins during Overwatch’s seasonal events. These cosmetics are only able to be obtained during a single week, and if you miss out on one you won’t have another chance.

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That’s why it’s essential to know exactly what you need to do in order to knock these challenges out. Halloween Terror’s weekly challenges will give rewards for 9, 18, and 27 games played, with wins counting as two. Below you’ll find the requirements, as well as each week’s three rewards.

Week 1 — Skeleton Genji

Blizzard Entertainment
Genji’s Skeleton skin is a must-have for cyborg ninja mains.

First up in Week 1 is Genji’s new Skeleton skin, which has bones spray painted on his usual armor. The helmet is different though, being more rounded to make the skull show up.

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Along with his awesome orange Dragonblade, there’s also a player icon and spray to grab. In total you’ll need to win 27 games, broken down below:

  • 9 games: Skeleton Player Icon
  • 18 games: Skeleton Spray
  • 27 games: Skeleton Genji Skin

Week 2 — Einherjar Zarya

Zarya Halloween terror 2021 skinBlizzard Entertainment
Einherjar are fallen Viking warriors taken to Valhalla.

Week 2 brings us Einherjar Zarya, which turns the tank into a fallen Viking warrior on her way to Valhalla. Runes dot her armor, as well as various norse designs, and she’s even rocking a styling new haircut as well.

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This skin would go great with Shieldmaiden Brig or Viking Torb as well. We’re almost to the point where you could have a full team of Halloween Terror Viking skins, maybe by the time we get to Overwatch 2.

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  • 9 games: Einherjar Player Icon
  • 18 games: Einherjar Spray
  • 27 games: Einherjar Zarya Skin

Week 3 — Clown Roadhog

Roadhog IT skinBlizzard Entertainment
It’s hard to believe Roadhog’s IT-style skin is only an Epic, but we’ll take it!

Finally, week 3 sends Halloween Terror 2021 out with a bang with the terrifying Roadhog Clown skin. Based on the preview for this one, it’s not hard to see how the designers pulled inspiration from the classic horror flick “IT.”

A row of razor sharp teeth smile at any hero unlucky enough to get hooked by this freaky skin, which we are definitely glad only exists in Overwatch (for now).

  • 9 games: Clown Player Icon
  • 18 games: Clown Spray
  • 27 games: Clown Roadhog Skin

There you have it, all three of the Halloween Terror 2021 weekly challenges, and their rewards. Remember, if you don’t get them during the weekly challenge, you won’t be able to again, so don’t miss out!

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