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Banned Twitch streamer Indiefoxx pleads for help after TikTok “mass report” harassment

Published: 24/Dec/2021 19:39

by Michael Gwilliam


Banned Twitch streamer ‘Indiefoxx’ is raising concerns over “mass reports” from trolls trying to get her account banned.

Indiefoxx has been one of 2021’s most controversial content creators. After receiving six Twitch bans in as many months, the singer was permanently banned from the platform.

After a brief single stream on YouTube, the model continued to produce content on OF – something she says only began as a result of bullying on Twitch.

Now, it seems like her TikTok profile is in danger of being banned too, and Indiefoxx is asking for something to be done amid mass reporting.

Indiefoxx begs for help over TikTok reports

Taking to Twitter, Indiefoxx tagged numerous TikTok support accounts to ask for assistance over trolls constantly reporting her.


“Can you actually do something about mass reporting for creators? Or you just going to allow people to harass female creators?” she asked. “I’ve appealed, but mod teams just assume what the trolls say is true on Live, they don’t even check.”

At the time of her tweet, she still has a TikTok account with over 400,000 followers active, with her previous video being posted two days prior. It’s unclear if she is still able to post content to the channel at this time.


After fans suggested she create different kinds of content that wouldn’t be reported, she shot back, claiming, “ I do. They don’t care. They just follow and hate me. Heck, I’m even shadowed on Twitter and I don’t even post… I’m legit being harassed into oblivion and I’m sick of being silent about it.”


Indiefoxx isn’t the only big name forced to deal with mass reports. As Dexerto reported, Amouranth’s Instagram was banned due to mass reports and the site refuses to reactivate it until someone at the company agrees to manage it.

Hopefully, Indiefoxx and TikTok can get their situation under control and she can get back to making content without having to worry about potential bans.