Banned Twitch star Indiefoxx teases streaming return in cryptic message

Indiefoxx streaming on Twitch.YouTube: Indiefoxx

Banned Twitch star Jenelle ‘Indiefoxx’ Dagres has teased her return to streaming, more than a month after she briefly staged a comeback on YouTube and half a year since Twitch barred her from their popular platform.

Dagres enjoyed an immense rise to fame in 2021, shooting to over two million followers on Twitch in less than a year, before it was all stripped away via a permanent ban.

The controversial Just Chatting streamer racked up a whopping six suspensions between January 29 and her final, permanent strike on June 28. These were mainly due to the star’s content which often courted an “NSFW” element, including hot tub broadcasts or her lying in bed for ASMR streams.

Indiefoxx’s ban on Twitch saw her turn to selling clips as NFTs, building a large TikTok fanbase ⁠— before being suspended on that site too ⁠— and attempting a big return on YouTube in early October.

Now the controversial star is angling for take two: Indiefoxx is planning another comeback, though her platform of choice has not yet been locked in.

The Twitch star's original ban on January 29 was for wearing see-through clothing.Twitch: Indiefoxx
The Twitch star was suspended six times before Amazon put their foot down.

Indiefoxx posted a cryptic Twitter message on November 19, suggesting that she will officially be “coming back soon” alongside a red heart emoji.

Though she didn’t put an exact date on her return, the 26-year-old’s hiatus has already stretched over a month. The last time she went live on any platform was Oct. 9, with a one-off YouTube stream titled “THE RETURN OF INDIEFOXX,” though that comeback was, in the end, short-lived.

As of publication, Indiefoxx is still banned on Twitch.

Therefore, unless Twitch is secretly planning to unban the controversial star, Indiefoxx will likely be streaming on her YouTube channel again in the coming days.

The 26-year-old has remained relatively active on Twitter and YouTube since her Twitch ban, regularly tweeting photos and uploading short-length vlogs.

Soon after her last suspension, Indiefoxx vowed to keep making content. She said, “A lot of bad stuff happened to me lately. But I don’t complain, I just find solutions and keep my head up. If you guys thought I was taking a break, you’d be mistaken. Success doesn’t sleep and I’m grinding every minute.”

Before her Twitch ban, Dagres was raking in up to 8k followers a day, including a two-million follower spike in June. She has 27.8k subs on YouTube.