Indiefoxx seemingly banned from TikTok following Twitch ban

Indiefoxx and TikTok logoTwitter: indiefoxx/TikTok

Banned Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has now seemingly found herself banned from TikTok too as her account has disappeared.

Like many other content creators, Indiefoxx has branched out onto plenty of different platforms, but she’s most well-known for her streams on Twitch.

However, she’s been embroiled in a bit of controversy recently. The Just Chatting streamer received her sixth ban from Twitch at the end of June, and has been stripped of her Twitch partnership too.

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She’s continued posting on other platforms in that time, despite not returning to streaming. Now, though, it appears as if she’s been banned from TikTok as well.

Indieefox lays on her bedTwitch/Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx was banned for the sixth time in a year on June 29.

The banned streamer uploaded one of her TikTok videos to Instagram on July 10, and fans quickly questioned as to why they couldn’t find it on TikTok instead.

It wasn’t long before many realized that her account had gone missing, leading to a number of different theories as to why that was the case. Searching her page now just returns errors and says the account is missing.

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However, outside of a few vague tweets which some fans have linked to the ban as a part of their theories, the streamer hasn’t said anything as of yet about the ban, so it’s purely speculation as to why at this point.

TiKTok screenshot showing missing accountTikTok
Indiefoxx’s TikTok account returns as a blank page.

On Twitter, Indiefoxx said “A lot of bad stuff happened to me lately. But I don’t complain I just find solutions and keep my head up.” In another post, she said “If you guys thought I was taking a break you’d be gladly mistaken. Success doesn’t sleep and I’m grinding every minute.”

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Other female content creators have been from TikTok as well recently, with many being spam reported by users. Though, they have managed to get their accounts back after contesting the claims.

It remains to be seen if that’s also the case for Indiefoxx and if she’ll be back on the video-sharing platform before long. Similarly, there’s no word on how long her Twitch ban will last.

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