Banned streamer Indiefoxx says Twitch is ‘more sexual than ever’

indiefoxx banned on twitchTwitter/jenfoxxuwu

Banned Twitch streamer Indiefoxx is accusing Twitch of “normalizing” sexual content and says the platform is more sexual than it was when she was around.

Indiefoxx was one of the fastest-growing streamers on Twitch thanks to the infamous hot tub and ear-licking ASMR meta.

While the streamer had a rivalry with Amouranth over the content, things eventually reached a boiling point where both ended up being suspended briefly for their ASMR streams.

In an interview with Dexerto, Amouranth claimed she “pulled back” from the risque content while Indiefoxx continued on, eventually resulting in a permanent ban, but her rival has disputed this claim and believes Twitch is now more sexual than ever.

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Indiefoxx was one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

Indiefoxx says sexual content is “normal” on Twitch now

In response to Dexerto’s interview, Indiefoxx, who now goes by ‘JenFoxxUwU,’ said she was partaking in a “normal” ASMR stream when she ended up getting permabanned.

“I was permabanned for [a wardrobe malfunction] while I was doing normal ASMR,” she said, denying claims that Amouranth had baited her. “My own partner manager told me they normally would only ban for 24 hours for this, but they decided it would be perma.”

Jen, who was banned six times by the platform, went on to say that she finds Twitch’s content to be the most sexual it’s ever been and argued that Amouranth has continued to do ban-worthy stuff without suffering consequences.

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“She and everyone else are doing more sexual stuff than ever. The only difference is it’s normalized now,” she added. “My friends send me clips every day of her doing ban-worthy stuff but nobody cares because they know she’ll never be banned.”

Of course, Twitch’s official stances on sexual content have remained largely the same since Jen’s ban back in 2021, but much like other streamers, such as Dr Disrespect, these decisions have remained extremely controversial and mysterious.

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Regardless, with the rise of alternative platforms like Kick, there are no shortage of outlets for banned streamers to jump to if they are booted from the Amazon-owned site.

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