Indiefoxx finally reveals on-stream incident that resulted in Twitch permaban

Michael Gwilliam
Indiefoxx reveals reason for permaban

Banned Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has finally revealed the reason why she was permanently removed from the platform and she’s still in shock about it.

Indiefoxx was one of the biggest rising streamers on Twitch prior to her being banned from the site indefinitely, amassing over two million followers on the Amazon-owned site with her hot tub and ASMR content.

Like many hot tub streamers, Indiefoxx had her share of controversy, earning a whopping six suspensions in 2021 that eventually resulted in Twitch deciding to indefinitely ban her.

For over a year, the reason for the final ban was unknown, but during an appearance on the No Jumper podcast, the streamer, who now goes by ‘JenFoxxUwUm,’ revealed what happened to end her Twitch career.

Indiefoxx banned on Twitch
Indiefoxx was banned a whopping six times on Twitch.

Indiefoxx reveals Twitch banned her over wardrobe malfunction

Speaking with Adam22, Indiefoxx explained that this was the first time she would be discussing her final ban and that “no one” else knew about it.

According to the OnlyFans star, she was wearing yoga pants and partaking in an ASMR stream when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Indiefoxx explained that the pants she was wearing resulted in her having a bit of a “camel toe” and used toilet paper to stuff it.

(segment begins at 41:55 for mobile users)

“I put toilet paper down there, but because of the seam, it moved the toilet paper to the side, so it looked like I had a [penis] because I tried to cover it up,” she said. “If I was an employee of a company and they fired me because of my outfit, that would be an HR situation.”

Since being indefinitely banned, Indiefoxx has made efforts to have her account restored but they’ve fallen on deaf ears. Just recently, Jen accused the platform of blocking her unban appeals.

While she may not be returning to streaming anytime soon, the creator continues to make a big profit through OnlyFans – a platform she, like other creators, admits earns her far more money than Twitch.