Avani Gregg slams “messed up” drama between Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler

Avani Gregg slams messed up drama Nessa BarrettYouTube: Pap Galore / Instagram: Nessa Barrett

TikTok star Avani Gregg has weighed in on the current relationship drama surrounding Nessa Barrett, Josh Richards, Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler — and it’s safe to say that she isn’t a fan of what went down.

In quite possibly one of the most confusing TikTok love quadrants ever, influencers Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler struck up a romance after filming a music video together earlier this year… despite being involved with other people at the time.

Their ex-partners, Josh Richards and Mads Lewis, were left feeling understandably burnt out by the entire ordeal — and it looks like the internet has taken their side, with the new couple becoming the most controversial romantic duo online right now… especially considering that Barrett and Lewis used to be besties.

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It’s not just random commenters who are decrying the scandal (although Richards made it clear that no one was “officially” together at the time); high-profile TikTokers are also publicly lambasting the situation, including the Hype House’s Avani Gregg.

Gregg is a popular TikToker in her own right. Boasting over 24 million followers on the viral video app, Gregg was part of the Hype House in its heyday before the TikTok content collective lost some of its biggest stars.

When asked about the ongoing drama between Hossler, Barrett, Lewis, and Richards, Avani stated that she didn’t know exactly what had gone on between them, but was quite clear that she found the whole issue “messed up” if it all was true.

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“If I was closer with them, I might have an opinion on it, but because I don’t really know what exactly happened, and the whole situation, I can’t really say anything on it,” Gregg began.

“It’s kinda wrong,” she continued. “It depends on the situation that it’s happening in, like if there’s other stuff behind it, but if you get with someone that’s your [best friend’s ex-boyfriend], that’s kind of messed up.”

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Thus far, it seems that most of the TikTok fanbase is in agreement with Gregg… but with Nessa Barrett teasing the “truth” about her side of the story in an upcoming song, there’s no telling what more will be brought to light.

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