Austin McBroom set for potential KSI fight after sending challenge on Instagram

Georgina Smith
Austin McBroom next to KSI filming videos

Rumors that Austin McBroom will be fighting fellow YouTuber KSI in early 2022 are swirling after McBroom uploaded a cryptic Instagram story, but not everyone is convinced they’ll actually step into the ring together so soon.

Influencer boxing has become a huge trend in recent years, with creators like Logan and Jake Paul stepping up against pro fighters from across the world in an attempt to prove their abilities. The trend was inspired partly by YouTuber KSI’s fight with Joe Weller and his later fights with Logan.

Austin McBroom, who won the headline fight against Bryce Hall in June’s Battle of the Platforms event, has had his sights set on fighting KSI for a while now.

KSI described a potential fight with McBroom as a “stepping stone” and a “warmup” before he gets to Jake Paul, and didn’t seem too convinced by his idea of a 2 v 2 with Logan Paul and Bryce Hall.

KSI says austin mcbroom is a stepping stone to jake paul
The two YouTubers have been considering the idea of a fight for a while now.

Austin McBroom calls out KSI on Instagram

While news on a potential bout between the two has been relatively quiet of late, rumors were fired back up again on October 20 when McBroom uploaded an Instagram story that implied he would be stepping into the ring with the fellow YouTuber.

“I’m retiring from social media and I’m trying out for the NBA!” he wrote, going on to add in another slide, “I’m playin, KSI I’ll see you in January.”

Text on Austin McBroom's Instagram story

The mention of a specific month had some fans wondering whether there could be planning for a future event going on behind the scenes.

However, others were quick to point out that KSI is going to be on tour for at least part of January 2022, making it much less likely that he would schedule such a big boxing event for the same month.

Regardless, it looks like Austin’s sending the message that he’s still interested in a fight between them, some fans are curious to see who would come out on top.

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