Jeff Wittek confronts Austin McBroom for potential boxing match

Jeff Wittek confronts Austin McBroom for boxing matchYouTube: The ACE Family, Bryce Hall

YouTuber and podcast host Jeff Wittek has officially confronted fellow influencer Austin McBroom for a possible boxing match — but it doesn’t look like the ACE Family patriarch is interested in his proposal.

Austin McBroom’s victory over Bryce Hall in the Battle of the Platforms boxing event took the internet by storm… but not as much as the payout drama that exploded shortly thereafter.

Once the hype surrounding the YouTubers vs TikTokers grudge match died down, several influencers spoke out against organizer Austin McBroom. They claimed that they hadn’t been paid for their time in the ring, with amounts surging upwards of millions of dollars.

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That’s not all; big investors even took legal action against Broom due to losses ranging around $10 million, with names like Brooklyn Nets point guard James Harden among them.

This drama is part of what sparked YouTuber, barber, and podcaster Jeff Wittek to seek out a fight with McBroom, which he has mentioned on his podcast quite a few times to no avail.

However, four months later, he finally got the chance to speak with McBroom over the phone… but it doesn’t seem like a fight between these two is in the cards.

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During an October 20 vlog on Bryce Hall’s YouTube channel, the TikTok star met up with Wittek to score a sick new mullet and discuss his lost wages from McBroom when the entire group decided to get the two on the phone together.

Jeff FM podcast studio austin mcbroom calloutYouTube: Jeff FM
Jeff Wittek has called out Austin McBroom in past episodes of his podcast, Jeff FM.

Jeff Wittek calls out Austin McBroom on FaceTime for boxing match

The ensuing Facetime call was fairly tense, with Wittek claiming he “wanted to talk business” with McBroom.

Unfortunately, McBroom asked him to get his number from Bryce before dismissing the discussion. “Bro, I got s**t to do, I don’t got time to waste talking to y’all, bro.”

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“We’re gonna find you,” Wittek answered before Austin hung up.

(Topic begins at 3:23)

Considering the current drama with the ACE Family regarding the foreclosure and auction of their $7 million home, it might be a while before we see McBroom get in the ring again. But, if he does, fans can bet that Wittek will be one of the first to come calling.