Atlanta Braves mascot dresses up as Dr Disrespect at MLB playoff game

Michael Gwilliam
Atlanta Braves official mascot dressed as Dr Disrespect
Twitter: BlooperBraves

The official mascot for the Atlanta Braves MLB team dressed up as Dr Disrespect during a playoff game on October 11 and it was a home run with fans.

Dr Disrespect’s love of sports and competition is pretty well-documented. The two-time has been spotted in-costume at NBA games and routinely talks sports on stream.

Now, his likeness was adopted by the Atlanta Braves’ mascot Blooper during their game against the Milwaukee Brewers and it seemed to help them pull off the win.

With Blooper dressed as the two-time, equipped with his caterpillar mustache, shades, and red vest, the mascot cheered his team to a 3-0 victory.

Taking to Twitter after the match, the mascot posted a photo of himself in-costume saying “snap em up yayayayaya,” Doc’s signature catchphrase.

The mannerisms didn’t stop there either, with the mascot further adding: “I’m gonna need to see 42 million fans packed in the arena today. Minimum.”

It seems like Dr Disrespect was a big fan of the outfit too as he liked the tweet and even RT’d it to his 2.2M fans.

Speaking of fans, even those who weren’t Braves supporters were impressed.

“I’m not a Braves fan. I’m a die-hard Dodgers fan. But I respect this,” a user wrote.

“Ok I’m not a braves fan but come on, this is incredible,” another said, praising the costume.

It’s pretty cool that Dr Disrespect has become such a big name that a mascot from one of the world’s largest leagues would dress up as him.

This isn’t the first time that Blooper became the two-time either. Back in August of 2020, he whipped out the costume, but sadly, there were no fans in the arena to appreciate it.

Maybe one day we’ll get to see Blooper and Dr Disrespect collaborate, but until then, this is one of the best tributes to Doc that we’ve seen. It’s just too bad it’s not an entry for his Doctober Halloween costume contest.