Dr Disrespect stopped by security after incident with Cameron Johnson at NBA playoff game

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect and Phoenix Suns Cam JohnsonTwitch: DrDisrespect/Instagram: CamJohnson23

Dr Disrespect once again popped up at an NBA playoff game and almost got involved with the action until security stepped in and kept him from helping a Phoenix Suns player out.

The Doc’s love of basketball is well-documented at this point. He played in college and regularly brings the NBA up as a topic during his streams.

Back in 2019, the streaming star set the internet ablaze as he traveled to Toronto to watch the Raptors and his hometown Golden State Warriors do battle the NBA Finals, with photos of him sitting in the crowd still being used as memes to this day.

With the playoffs in full swing again, the Doc made the trip to Phoenix to watch game five of the Western Conference Finals between the Suns and Los Angeles Clippers and got back on TV. This time, though, he got closer to the action than ever.

dr disrespect nbaInstagram, @drdisrespect
Dr Disrespect has turned into a mainstream symbol of the streaming world.

The Two-Time revealed on Twitter that he would be making the trip, and even had a camera crew helping him make a vlog of whatever happened.

Yet, seeing as he was sitting courtside, it didn’t take long for him to be spotted by the TV camera, dressed in his signature get up, dripping from head to toe in violence, speed, and momentum.

Though, he wasn’t just content with sitting and watching. When Suns forward Cameron Johnson took a tumble in front of him and needed some help getting up, the Doc offered a helping hand. However, while he helped the former first-round pick to his feet just a bit, arena security stepped in between the two and got the Doc back in his seat.

Of course, members of the Champions Club couldn’t help but be geeked out by what they’d seen. Former NFL punter Pat McAfee, who has been in a war of words with the Doc before, called him a “legend” for showing up at courtside.

With the Doc having a camera crew following his every move, it should produce one hell of a YouTube video, especially when we see if he got into any more trouble for offering up a helping hand.