Asmongold mocks YouTuber who spent $100k on Diablo Immortal

Emma Hill
Asmongold talking to fans on YouTubeYouTube: Asmongold

Twitch streamer Asmongold hit out at a Diablo Immortal player who claimed he had spent $100k and as a result, was “too powerful” to actually play it fully.

Fantastical ARPG Diablo Immortal may have only been released in June 2022, but the MMO has already pulled in a whopping amount of money for Blizzard.

However, the controversial game developer has come under fire for introducing microtransactions into Diablo Immortal, especially as some players weren’t all too happy with what they got in return for their investment.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped some players from already plowing their money into Diablo Immortal. One player spent a mind-blowing $100k in microtransactions, which was laughable to popular Twitch streamer Asmongold.

Asmongold calls out Diablo Immortal player

Asmongold was watching a video by YouTuber ‘jtisallbusiness’ called ‘Should I refund 100k on Diablo Immortal.‘ The creator claimed that he was struggling to become a Clan Leader as an Immortal. Subsequently, he was unable to access some battlegrounds.

Shocked by the fact the YouTuber had spent $100k on the game, Asmongold joked: “So, he’s spent so much money and he’s on so much of a higher level than everybody else, nobody can even queue into him.”

Jtisallbusiness also added that was having to wait up to 72 hours to access a battleground. However, it didn’t prompt any sympathy from Asmongold.

“So, this guy, he’s been trying to play the game,” Asmongold said. “Look he’s talking about refunding the game. He’s going extinct!”

His fans were similarly unsympathetic, citing the controversy surrounding Blizzard. One stated that they didn’t “even feel remotely sorry” for jtisallbusiness as they claimed “he helps fund Blizzard’s absolutely disgusting behavior.”

JT explained that he had highlighted the issue with Blizzard but there was little the dev could do about it at the time. So, much to his annoyance, he didn’t see any other option but to refund his character and get his $100k back.