Asmongold lashes out at “hall monitor” Twitch culture

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Twitch star ‘Asmongold’ is lashing out at the site’s “hall monitor meta,” claiming he’s being overrun with comments asking him to expose and “deplatform” certain creators.

As the Twitch vs Kick wars rage on, there’s been a major beef brewing between a few of the scene’s top creators like xQc, Hasan, and Pokimane.

Popular MMO steamer Asmongold has also commented on the drama here and there as some of Twitch’s top talent moves to Kick, while Twitch itself comes under fire for controversial changes to its terms of service and subscription splits.

Asmon himself said he’d move to Kick if Twitch’s proposed branded content guidelines had actually gone through earlier this month — and now, he’s taking umbrage with another issue on both Twitch and other sites.

Asmongold Twitch
Asmongold is tired of the “hall monitor” meta he’s seeing on Twitch and other streaming sites.

Asmongold hits out at “hall monitor meta” on Twitch and other streaming sites

Although Asmongold has made no bones about his feelings toward the big changes happening to Twitch, he’s also got an issue with the overall culture of the website right now.

According to the World of Warcraft star, he’s been experiencing an influx of commenters asking him to “deplatform” and “tell on” other creators on the site — and he’s tired of it.

“Exhausted with this hall monitor Twitch meta (it’s outside of Twitch, too),” he wrote in a tweet on June 21. “Seems like every day there’s some new crusade to get someone deplatformed, canceled, or just sh*t on. So sick of pu***** coming into my stream to ‘tell’ on a streamer to get them in trouble.”

Asmon says that this isn’t just a Twitch problem, but something he’s been seeing across other websites, as well.

Although it’s unclear if Asmon is referencing a specific scenario or not, it’s clear that he’s had enough of viewers asking him to expose other streamers.

Asmon’s latest post comes on the heels of the streamer showing his support for Hasan amid his ongoing feud with Dr Disrespect — just another chapter in the ongoing drama surrounding Twitch and Kick this June.

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