Just 2.5% of Twitch partners will qualify for new Partner Plus program

Theo Burman

Calculations have shown that just 1066 streamers will be able to qualify for Twitch’s new Partner Plus program.

Despite Twitch introducing the policy in the wake of its talent jumping to alternative streaming sites with better revenue splits, like Kick and Rumble, the program will still not be available to the vast majority of streamers using Twitch.

The best part of the Partner Plus program will be the 70/30 revenue split that would replace the 50/50 split currently used across the site. However, this still falls shy of Kick’s 95/5 offer, and what’s more, less than 3% of the entire site will be eligible for the program.

Only around 1000 Twitch partners will qualify for Partner Plus

To be eligible for the Partner Plus scheme, Twitch partners need to be able to maintain 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three months in a row, not including gifted subs.

Statistics page Stream Charts crunched the numbers and discovered that out of the 42 thousand partnered streamers on Twitch, just 1066 of them were meeting the threshold to be eligible for the Partner Plus program.

This means that the program would be available to just 2.5% of the partners on Twitch.

Twitch explained the policy by saying: “Partners must maintain a sub count of at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months.

“Once that happens, Partners will be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months, even if you dip below the subscription threshold during the 12-month period.”

Additionally, the new revenue split will only be paid out until you reach $100k in revenue, a decision that has prompted backlash from several Twitch streamers. Considering the momentum behind Kick at the moment, it’s tough to say if this will reassure anyone about Twitch’s management.

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