Asmongold mocked for agreeing with Hasan that streaming is harder than “real jobs”

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch star Asmongold is coming under fire for defending Hasan’s comments about streaming being harder than a “real job.”

Political streamer Hasan went viral for all the wrong reasons on February 25 after a clip of him saying that broadcasting on Twitch was more draining than traditional jobs.

Footage of his stream blew up on X, with many users and fellow content creators calling out Hasan for his controversial take.

Asmongold, however, ended up siding with Hasan, saying that his views on streaming were “understandable” only to be bombarded with the same angry comments that Hasan was dealing with.

Asmongold called out for siding with Hasan on streaming

In a YouTube video, the OTK streamer watched Hasan’s clip and was baffled by users being angry at him for saying he gets exhausted for streaming and talking to people for nine hours a day.

“You really think that’s not true?” he asked. “You really think it’s not true that after you spend nine hours being investigated by thousands of people with every facial movement, everything you say, every word, with people constantly trying to disagree with you and fight with you – that’s not socially draining? This is totally understandable!”

(Segment beings at 4:47)

The WoW streamer continued to address streaming as a job, saying that he agrees on streaming being socially draining because while “a lot of streamers are introverted, being a streamer requires you to do a lot of things extroverts want you to do.”

Asmongold’s opinions were instantly roasted with users pointing to the dislike ratio on his video.

“Streamers like Asmongold are so out of touch. They could take ample time off when it becomes ‘socially draining’ without it ever hurting their pockets. Every job has its draining points, no matter what it is. Streaming will never be the most hard job or even close,” one slammed.

“Streamers have all lost the plot. It’s only draining if you are giving up being real to worry about pandering and need to look at chat every time before saying your take,” another chimed in.

Even comments on Asmongold’s video were critical of his opinion. “Retail workers can not mute the people they interact with. Streamers can get away from it at the touch of a button. Pathetic. Out of touch. Ignorant of reality,” a top-voted comment says.

So far, Asmongold has yet to follow-up or double down on his position, but he has discussed the stress of streaming before. Last year, the Twitch star abruptly announced a break from streaming on his main channel due to anxiety.

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