Asmongold gutted after being killed by a goat in Elden Ring

Asmongold streaming and being killed by goat in Elden RingTwitch: Asmongold/ FromSoftware Inc.

Twitch streamer Asmongold was left devastated after he met an unfortunate end at the hands of a goat while playing Elden Ring co-op. 

As with FromSoftware’s previous Souls-like games, Elden Ring quickly became renowned for its high difficulty level and near-indestructible bosses following its release.

One of the streamers who has enjoyed an enormous viewer increase thanks to his livestreams of the fantasy RPG is Asmongold. However, much like the rest of us, Elden Ring hasn’t always been easy for him.

The Lands Between can be a perilous landscape. Even the most harmless creature can become a deadly foe as Asmongold, unfortunately, learned firsthand during his livestream.

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Asmongold streaming on TwitchTwitch: Asmongold
Asmongold is one of the most popular MMORPG streamers in the community, but even he couldn’t defeat one of Elden Ring’s easiest beasts.

Elden Ring goat defeats Asmongold

Asmongold was playing an Elden Ring co-op with his friend McConnell on May 21 when the two came up against a powerful fellow player.

After the stranger killed McConnell, it was up to Asmongold to defeat them. However, his health bar was looking scarily low. Facing his doom, Asmongold said: “Guys, I feel like I’m going to lose this one.” Yet, it wasn’t the stranger who he needed to be wary of.

At that moment a goat suddenly appeared in the game and landed the final blow against his character, killing him instantly.

Understandably gutted by the move, Asmongold threw his face into his hands and was left speechless by his character’s unimpressive death.

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However, isn’t the first time that the Twitch star’s had a tough time against the Lands Between’s wildlife. He was previously left red-faced after he ran away to avoid a fight with a dragonfly.

It wasn’t long until Asmongold was back on his feet again following his dramatic end against the ram. Although, he won’t be taking home the title of Elden Ring’s answer to David Attenborough any time soon.