Asmongold’s absurd description of WoW’s monetization model highlights need for rework

asmongold-wow-monetizationBlizzard / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold’s absurd description of WoW’s monetization model, in which he referred to the seemingly endless chain of expansions, boosts, and tokens, highlights the need for a rework.

Asmon’s passion for World of Warcraft manifests itself in different ways. He’s been the game’s harshest critic at times, although his criticism is constructive. However, he’s also praised the developers when he feels it’s deserved.

The ebbs and flows of his attitude towards it cropped up again during a stream on May 21. This time, he pointed out the absurdity of the game’s monetization model, inadvertently suggesting it needs to be reworked.

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The topic came up on stream after a viewer left a donation message telling Asmon they recently returned to WoW but found that it felt “pointless” due to all the boosts and add-ons. He agreed and added his two cents.

world of warcraft wow battle for azeroth bfa sylvanas and anduin look at each other as horde and alliance fight in backgroundBlizzard Entertainment
Asmon isn’t a fan of WoW’s monetization model.

“Let me explain what the point of WoW is,” said Asmon. “The first thing you do is buy the game. Then you buy the expansion, then you buy the subscription, then you buy the boost, and then you buy the WoW Token to buy the gold to buy the boost for the raid.

“Then you buy the other WoW Token to buy the gear on the auction house that you need to transition it into tier gear, and then you buy another WoW Token to buy a boost for Ahead of the Curve so you can get that gear.

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Asmon still wasn’t done. He wanted to point out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. “After you buy that WoW Token, you have to buy another WoW Token to buy enchants and gems to upgrade your legendary.”


Finally, he reached his conclusion. “So basically, what you do is you spend all your money on the game until you don’t play it anymore. That’s the way it works. It’s simple. That’s the way you play WoW now. That’s what’s fun.”

It’s one of several things he feared would cause interest in the next expansion to wane. However, he believes that if the developers can avoid repeating mistakes they made in previous expansions, it could thrive.

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