Asmongold dominates Twitch rankings with Elden Ring & Lost Ark return

Twitch: Asmongold

Following the passing of his mother, Twitch star and MMORPG titan, Asmongold, was slow to return to the streaming platform, but his reentry to the fray has seen him skyrocket up the rankings.

Twitch has been dominated by two games in 2022: Lost Ark and Elden Ring, both of which fall into streaming sensation Asmongold’s wheelhouse.

Having spent hours exploring the vast plains of Arkesia and The Lands Between over the past few weeks, the Texan has toppled both virtual and real life titans in his wake, skyrocketing up Twitch’s internal rankings and raking in some insane stats.

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Joining fellow MMORPG streamers at the top, the One True King is back in style and primed to snatch the Twitch throne once and for all.

elden ring character jumps across chasm on a horseFromSoftware
In comparison to his rivals, Asmon is flying high.

Asmongold dominates Twitch rankings upon return

While the Twitch star has been streaming on his backup channel, zackrawr, Lost Ark’s release marked the highly anticipated return to his main channel.

According to Twitch aggregator Sullygnome, Asmon has soared to the third most-watched streamer on the platform, lagging just behind Fextralife and xQc respectively.

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The self-professed professional neckbeard wracked up a peak viewership of 427,880, an average viewership of 104,987, with 414,955 followers gained.

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Not only did he end February with a bang, he also managed to accumulate 1 million subscribers on YouTube, a platform on which he continues to have notable success.

asmongold ferbruary 2022 twitch
Asmongold is just behind Fextralife and xQc.

Since his return Asmon has largely been focusing on Lost Ark, leaving old favorite FFXIV in the dust.

He has also ventured into the Lands Between to inject some Souls-inspired chaos into his stream, even getting attacked by a pretty ferocious dragonfly on-stream.

As he continues to go from strength to strength, it’ll be interesting to see how his numerous different adventures play out – and, more importantly, whether or not he’ll be able to topple xQc.

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