Asmongold somehow humiliated by a dragonfly in Elden Ring

Lauren Bergin
asmongold with elden ring castle background
From Software, Twitch: Asmongold

It’s no secret that Twitch sensation Asmongold is excited to dive into Elden Ring, but it turns out that his journey has already taken a rather hilarious turn for the worst.

Despite only having been out for less than 24 hours, From Software’s macabre adventure, Elden Ring, has already shot to the top of Twitch, almost knocking rival title, Lost Ark, off of the top spot.

One man that everyone has been watching take a shot at the notoriously difficult game is Asmongold, self-professed professional neckbeard and the One True King of the Twitch MMORPG scene.

Having already given it rave reviews, Asmon is back and determined to tear the demons that plague the Lands Between asunder – but it isn’t quite going according to plan.

elden ring character fighting dragon
From Software
It turns out that dragons aren’t the Lands Between’s most fearsome foes.

Asmongold gets killed in Elden Ring by a… dragonfly?

From the creepy Pumpkin Head to the warped and twisted Margit, there are a lot of creatures out there that are hungry for blood, but Asmongold happens to have fallen victim to one of the game’s most overlooked terrors – the humble dragonfly.

Yes, you read that right. Despite channelling all of all things holy (even although he’s definitely not playing a Paladin) and slashing at the buzzing menace with his polearm, the damn creature simply refuses to die.

“No!” he cries as the creature follows him around. “Come here, come here! Jesus! What are you kidding me!? Look at this! This is unbelievable! This is – I’m running away, I actually can’t beat that guy,” he laments, before fleeing the scene tail between his legs.

But it continued to get worse. Clipping the incident and sharing it on the One True King Twitter, Asmon’s awkward encounter with nature’s finest has amused players far and wide.

“Biased media coverage again showing this clip and not the one of me beating every boss one shot,” Asmon replied, with OTK shooting straight back with a GIF of an adorable wide-eyed dragonfly simply captioned ‘BOO.’

While Asmon has, indeed, been one shotting bosses and taking down foes in style, this moment will forever be one of his most memorable.

Hopefully they don’t have dragonflies like this in Texas, though, as the hordes may descend now that they have found his weakness.