Asmongold is racing to hit max level in New World in the worst possible way

Sam Comrie
Asmongold New World
Amazon Games / Twitch: Asmongold

Amazon Games’ foray into the MMO arena, New World, has gotten plenty of love from gamers already and while Asmongold is determined to max out his character as soon as possible, it’s not so he can claim some badge of honor. 

Originally slated to drop in May 2020, New World has finally arrived to carve out a slice of the MMO market. Between the best gear available and billionaire Jeff Bezos putting his full support into the game, there is a hell of a lot to uncover in Amazon Games’ fantastical world.

Naturally, with Asmongold being Twitch’s king of MMO’s, he’s dove right in and started to put some heavy focus on the new game on his streams.

While many players are rushing to hit max level so they can say they’ve already achieved the mark, he’s got a different plan.

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Amazon Games
New World has a lot to offer straight out the gate.

Asmongold ready to call New World “boring”

Maxxing out a character level in an MMO is always a badge of honor for players, especially if you can do it when not many others have. Though, for Asmongold, it’s not about that.

Speaking on his enjoyment of the game so far, Asmongold went on to say that boredom is only “three and a half levels away.” His friends, confused by the streamer’s race to level up, asked him why he was in such a rush: “why are you trying to get to 60?”

Asmongold’s answer might not be what most would expect, as he said it was “so I can complain that there is no content.” While most might want to level up fast to gain enticing gear, Asmongold has “been farming the same 5 quests” for a few days. “I’m ready to finish the game, so I can complain that it sucks,” the creator added.

Like other MMO’s, New World will most likely have plenty of DLC for players to explore, but it’s only been a short while, so any add-ons are a fair way off.

Asmongold might change his point of view as time goes on but, ultimately, who knows how the game will evolve.

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