Amouranth’s former employee responds to claims he ‘doxxed her’ amid husband controversy

Amouranth employee addresses streamers accusations of clout chasing and doxxingTwitch: amouranth

Amouranth’s former content lead has spoken out against claims that he ‘doxxed’ the Twitch star after she claimed he was acting “out of line” amid accusations of abuse toward her husband.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is taking a break from streaming after levying accusations of abuse toward her husband in a tell-all Twitch stream on October 15.

The emotionally-charged broadcast included a tense phone call between herself and her husband, after which she showed text messages he’d sent her, in which he threatened to send her dogs to a “meat packing” facility, on top of physical damage he’d allegedly done to their home.

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The streamer returned to Twitch two days later, saying she is now “free” of her husband’s mistreatment and is seeking legal counsel. However, she also expressed distaste with her former content lead / cameraman, whom she’d let go after he made a post regarding her safety amid the drama.

Amouranth accuses cameraman of “escalating” matters at TwitchCon

According to Amouranth, he’d “escalated” an argument between herself and her husband at TwitchCon 2022, and had called security and police to handle matters — something she didn’t want, as other streamers were staying on their hotel floor.

“I felt like he was attempting to create a scene at a convention full of live streamers,” she said. “Like, our floor literally had streamers staying in it. All up and down the floor.”

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She also claimed that the cameraman had left her to go to the airport lest he miss his flight, as the argument occurred close to boarding time, leaving she and her husband alone to reschedule their own travel plans.

“After we got home, he appeared to flip-flop loyalty, and in the past few days even, he’s pretended to be a conduit of information about my welfare like on Twitter, badgering other staff to give him information to tweet about and he’s encouraged people to show up at my door who I don’t know,” she added.

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Amouranth’s cameraman addresses accusations of ‘clout-chasing’ and ‘doxxing’ Twitch star

On October 21, her content lead, ‘Marz,’ posted a Google Doc responding to her claims, saying that he had called security after Amouranth’s husband had locked her out of their hotel room and purportedly ‘couldn’t hear’ security pounding on the door.

Marz also claims to have known Amouranth for many years, but was only employed by the streamer as of September 2022.

“I stood by in the hall as Kait packed with her room door open,” he wrote. “When the arguing started escalating, I made the decision to call the authorities to protect our safety.”

Marz went on to address her concerns of leaving to get on his flight. “Kait said she was uncomfortable with how I escalated things at TwitchCon, but hardly touches on [her husband] sending threatening messages to the both of us that night,” he added.

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“I feel as though Kait was trying to frame me leaving her after calling the cops as ‘flip-flopping.’ Which turns this into an incongruent, lose-lose situation between me ‘not doing enough’ (e.g.: leaving to catch the flight) and ‘doing too much’ (e.g.: calling the authorities).”

Marz ended his response by touching on her accusations of ‘doxxing’ her, saying “this is not true at all.”

“I never gave out their address to anyone, and even sought out professional legal advice on how to tell people that I would NOT be sharing her address,” he wrote. “I’m not sure where she received this information to make such a bold, false claim. It makes me worried that her husband may be misinforming her to push people trying to help away.”

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For now, Amouranth has yet to publicly speak on Marz’s response, and is currently taking a break from broadcasting following her horse-riding stream on October 18.