Amouranth slams Twitch for showing inappropriate ads amid demonetization drama

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is hitting out at the Amazon-owned platform for continuing to show ads she feels aren’t child appropriate while she herself has been demonetized.

On May 18, the popular female streamer revealed that ads on her channel had been quietly suspended indefinitely without her knowledge. It was only after reaching out to Twitch herself after noticing ad revenue had vanished from her analytics that she was informed about the decision.

The move came amid ongoing controversy over the sexualization of Twitch and its hot tub ‘meta’ where female streamers splash around in pools while wearing bikinis. According to Amouranth, her content was considered “not advertiser friendly.”

Now, Siragusa is striking back at Twitch for hypocrisy because the ads it allows on the site don’t line up with their apparent values.

“Why are they running condom ads on a streaming site for children?” she said in a post on her personal Twitter account and attached photos of Trojan condom ads on the Just Chatting section.

“When you click on the ad it takes you to a product landing page where they have a banana wearing a condom,” she added.

The second screenshot was of an Amazon product listing featuring just what she described – a banana with a condom on it.

The demonetization drama comes amid the rise of hot tub streams.

Of course, as some users in the comments pointed out, ads are often tailored to an individual’s browsing history. That said, it’s safe to assume that those who watch Amouranth to begin with aren’t searching for “best fabric softener brands” or “Oprah’s Book Club.”

Others, however, agreed with the streamer over the hypocrisy and called out Twitch and other sites for having double standards over what is allowed and what isn’t.

So far, it seems like Siragusa is the only hot tub streamer to suffer this fate. The originator of the hot tub ‘meta’, xoAeriel, told Dexerto that her channel has not been demonetized yet and big names such as Indiefoxx have not said anything to suggest their ads have been suspended as well.

Amouranth, Instagram
Amouranth has over four million followers on Instagram.

As Dexerto reported, the removal of ads from her channel will cost her nearly half a million dollars a year in revenue.

With so much money spinning down the drain, it’s safe to say that this feud between Amouranth and Twitch is just heating up.

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