How does Amouranth make money? Behind the controversial streamer’s net worth

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Amouranth Net Worth

It’s said that no press is bad press and that may well be the case for popular streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa. Despite racking up a few bouts of controversy over her content creation career, she’s amassed a large, loyal following and has the money to prove it.

Since starting streaming and creating content in 2016, Amouranth has risen to the top of the industry through cosplay, streams including ASMR and real-life streams, and the controversies she’s stirred up along the way.

While she’s not the creator of the current hot tub ‘meta’ on Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch, she’s certainly occupied a top spot on the platform in this category and, as of May 2021, it’s caused some problems. Twitch decided to suspend advertising on her channel, meaning she’s missing out on lots of cash.

It’s estimated that she’s is missing out on up to $500,000 dollars a year just from Twitch alone. That’s obviously a significant amount of money, but she has other avenues of revenue generation — let’s break them all down and look at Amouranth’s net worth.

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What is Amouranth’s net worth?

It’s always hard to track the exact finances on platforms that aren’t entirely transparent on the monetary front, leaving it up to estimations and guesses as to the fortunes that are being amassed there on a daily basis.

Amouranth has revealed that she was earning around $35,000-40,000 monthly from Twitch ads alone, meaning the amount she’s raked in over the span of her career is likely to be in the millions. Some sources estimate that, as of 2021, she’s accumulated a net worth of up to $7m — though other websites believe it’s more likely to be $2m.

How Amouranth makes money

Content and subscriptions

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Despite losing the ability to directly monetize her content on Twitch through ads, Amouranth has a plethora of means for fans to engage with, and support, her. She has four YouTube channels that cover different bases, each of which offers revenue generation through pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements.

Her Twitch channel still contains a link to StreamElements where avid fans can donate to her, creating a third-party monetization method for her while she is streaming. Users can also use ‘bits’ – Twitch’s built-in tipping system. And, despite losing advertising, users can still subscribe. Exact subscription numbers are not public for Twitch channels, but third-party tracking sites estimate that Amouranth has over 19,000 subscribers as of May 2021. This is the 22nd most overall.

Her main YouTube channel typically houses clothing ‘hauls’ where she tries on different items, she has a channel dedicated to ASMR content, her ‘Also Amouranth’ channel is a hub for stream highlights and vlogs, and she also has a clips channel that posts short content snippets on a daily basis.

Moving on from YouTube, Amouranth sees the opportunities in diversifying her avenues for fan engagement across multiple subscription-based platforms. She has a presence on OnlyFans and FanSly, offering paid content for a monthly fee, and has a Patreon account with 1,410 patrons subscribing across eight tiers that increase in cost as the number of perks grows (as of May 2021).

Affiliate links are commonplace in the creator economy and that’s no different for the cosplayer and content creator. She currently has active affiliate links for energy drink brand G FUEL and meal replacement company Huel, earning a small amount of commission for every purchase made by those who started the process by using her custom links.

Before she even began on her long, winding journey in content creation, Amouranth was a business owner. After finding success in the 2010s with her self-made costumes, she later went on to found her own company: A Charmed Affair. She provided events and parties with actors dressed as Disney princesses, offering entertainment for young children.