Amouranth hits back at troll telling her to “get a 9-5 job”

Amouranth posing in Twitter pictureTwitter: amouranth

Twitch star Amouranth is hitting back at critics telling her to get a ‘real job’ and showing off the jaw-dropping hours she puts in as one of the net’s top content creators.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is much more than a Twitch streamer. She owns multiple businesses, has a hugely successful OnlyFans presence, and even runs her own talent management firm, ‘It’s Real Work,’ on top of making major investments into huge companies.

It’s not easy running an empire… but not everyone is fully aware of the scope of Amouranth’s work, which she freely shared in a tweet thread on July 20, 2022.

amouranth on twitchInstagram: Amouranth
Amouranth is growing her business empire bit by bit, having purchased a gas station, a 7-Eleven, and a plastic ball manufacturer.

A troll had lashed out at Amouranth on the app, arguing that it’s “easy” for women to get a bag on platforms like OnlyFans (where Amouranth makes a staggering $1.5 million a month, on average) as opposed to men.

Amouranth wasn’t so sure about that argument. “Ironically, at my company ‘It’s Real Work,’ we have a huge influx of men OF creators who have found otherworldly success doing just that!” she replied. “I’m happy to be onboarding with some leaders in that space.”

That wasn’t the only troll chiming in on the conversation, though. Another argued that Amouranth should work a 9-5 job, claiming that the streamer must not “know what it means to work your a** off.”

“The hours would be an absolute cakewalk,” Amouanth hit back. “I’m about to go to sleep, it’s 7 AM. My team comes in at noon and I’ll do some calls and work with them on @ItsRealWork calls and meetings. On a normal day I’d stream 14 hrs after that. I’ve been doing 19-20 hour days for literal years.”

“9-5 feels like retirement lol, gtfo with that take,” she added.

In the past, Amouranth has said that she works hard to one day generate enough passive income to achieve her ultimate dream of running the “Disneyland” of all non-profit animal rescues.

Considering how hard she works right now, it’s definitely something we can see happening in the future — but for now, she’s on her grind as one of Twitch’s most-searched content creators.