Amouranth reveals insane amount her NFT is selling for: “Guess I’ll be doing this again”


Twitch streamer and model ‘Amouranth’ has landed a hefty bid on an NFT of herself through the OnlyPunks collection of digital artworks.

Amouranth has joined the world of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which have become a hot topic over the last year on social media.

The female streamer has been brought on by an NFT auction site online as a Brand Ambassador, and one of her first auctioned off NFTs for the org has landed an absolutely massive bid of six figures.

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Amouranth’s NFT landed a bid of over $120,000.

Amouranth’s massive NFT bid

The NFT of Amouranth that landed the enormous bid is from a line called OnlyPunks, which has also featured tons of other stars. The art collective partnered with the website for an exclusive NFT lineup to be auctioned off on their platform.

The bid for Amouranth’s OnlyPunks NFT currently sits at just above $125,000. Amouranth had a few other NFT auctions on the site as well, each of which sold for $600 or more.

The content creator was shocked at seeing the size of the bid and remarked via Twitter: “Wow an NFT of me is currently bid up to $120k… I guess I’ll be doing this again lol.”

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Some NFT bids are too good to be true, though. On October 28, Twitch streamer PayMoneyWubby thought he sold an NFT of his bathroom for six figures, but was disappointed when the bid ended up being a fraud and no money ever came through from it.

While Amouranth seemingly had no plans to continue making NFTs, the gigantic new bid had her thinking otherwise. Hopefully, for her sake, the bid becomes reality.

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