Amouranth and Pokimane use new Twitch profile image trick to get viewers

Amouranth uses Twitch tacticInstagram/amouranthtoo

Twitch stars Amouranth and Pokimane have started using an ingenious trick to get viewers to hop onto their streams and more streamers have begun using the tactic.

Profile images on Twitch pop up for viewers when a streamer they follow is live and while they’re sorted by the number of viewers they have, some have started editing their images for a more eye-popping look.

Standing out on Twitch in a sea of other entertainers can make a massive impact on your success and Amouranth was one of, if not the first, to add a green circle around her picture.

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While this small change may not seem like much, it gives off a similar vibe to an Instagram account that has a story that viewers can check out. As such, some viewers click expecting Twitch to have a new feature and instead just get the stream as normal.

Other streamers caught on and began implementing the circle tactic into their own pictures with Pokimane being one of the first to try it out herself.

Former Overwatch pro Dustinn ‘Dogman’ Bowerman even praised the move, leading to other streamers to chime in calling it “crazy smart” and a “galaxy brain move.”

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xoAeriel profile trickTwitch/xoAeriel
The Twitch profile photo meta is already evolving.

It’s not always a green circle either. Popular hot tub and ASMR streamer xoAeriel opted for a combination of green and pink to draw even more attention.

While it’s unclear how useful the trick is, it will be interesting to see how many more streamers take advantage of the tactic in the months ahead.