Amouranth explains why she keeps buying gas stations over promised animal shelter

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth keeps buying gas stations

Twitch and OnlyFans icon Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Sirigusa responded to backlash for buying yet another gas station instead of the animal sanctuary she had promised to build.

Amouranth has become a household name on Twitch thanks to her over-the-top bikini-clad hot tub streams and other innovative broadcasts that pushed her to the top of the streaming world.

The Twitch star has used the millions she’s raked in through streaming and OnlyFans in a series of documented business ventures including buying multiple 7-Eleven gas stations.

Now, amid Sirigusa’s recent $8.3m purchase of a 7-Eleven with a carwash, fans have begun wondering when she will put money towards creating a massive animal shelter like she had promised.

amouranth poses
Amouranth has made a fortune from Twitch and OnlyFans.

Amouranth reveals why she uses OnlyFans income on gas stations

After a fan questioned the streamer’s latest purchase and inquired about her original plans to open up an animal sanctuary, Amouranth opened up on the situation.

“The mindset that investing is just like consumption/a form of spending will keep people poor, and preclude them from investing in their future,” she commented.

“Investing is not consumption, it’s planting seeds in a garden you will get to see. It’s literally GROWING money. When I pay my electric bill no one says ‘what about your other financial commitments.’ It’s understood that the utility bill/ access to power will create MORE money, value, etc.”

The streamer went on to take aim at comparisons between her gas station purchase and physical items, once again noting that the 7-Eleven was an investment.

“This isn’t buying a Prada bag. Also my most expensive bag cost like $125. Not all cash flows going out the door are created equal. Some spending is investing, some is expenses and still others are capex,” she added.

Amouranth further hinted that her upcoming convention will cost a lot and might even dwarf the amount she spent on the gas station.

It seems like Amouranth hasn’t abandoned the animal sanctuary dream, but she wants to earn even more money before it becomes a reality. Sadly, she didn’t share a timeline for this plan, but more details could be coming after her big convention project.

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