Amouranth announces mystery “business venture” with KSI

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Amouranth has teased that she’s working on a new business venture with British YouTuber KSI, leaving fans curious to see what will come of this unexpected collaboration.

Amouranth is a huge star on Twitch, where she boasts over six million followers — not to mention her quarter-million followers on Kick, where she recently signed a profitable contract that “doubled” her income.

Amouranth is known for her sprawling business empire, purchasing gas stations for millions of dollars, investing $1M in Visa stock, and even spending $17 million on a fruit orchard to “overtake Bill Gates.”

The streamer’s business ventures are far from over in her eventual quest to start an animal shelter, as she revealed her plans to work with two other major content creators including KSI.

Amouranth spilled the beans about her next collaboration during an interview with YouTuber Caleb Hammer in an episode of ‘Financial Audit,’ where he went over the streamer’s spending habits and income.

During their conversation, Amouranth revealed that she’s currently working on creating an energy drink with “another streamer who’s much larger than myself in terms of relevancy.”

That’s not all; when Hammer mentioned Prime Hydration, another creator-led beverage brand, Amouranth admitted that she’s got something in the works with Prime’s co-founder KSI.

“I actually am working on KSI with a different business venture,” she claimed. “Yeah, lots of fun things on the horizon.”

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Amouranth didn’t divulge exactly what she and KSI are cooking up, but fans are theorizing all sorts of possibilities. KSI hasn’t made a peep about their collab either, and given his own various business ventures like Prime, Misfits Boxing, and the Sidemen, there’s no shortage of routes the pair could take.