Amouranth just bought another 7-Eleven gas station for $8.3 million

amouranth and car washAmouranth, Twitter

Twitch star streamer Amouranth has revealed she’s made another significant investment away from the screen, adding an $8.3 million gas station to her property portfolio.

Amouranth, real-name Kaitlyn Sirigusa, has become a high-profile property investor at the same time as achieving success on both Twitch and OnlyFans.

In the past, the content creator has bought a 7-Eleven store for $10 million, as well as another gas station for a reported $4 million.

And she’s not done there, yet.

Amouranth just bought another gas station

On August 12, Sirigusa made the announcement on her personal Twitter account.

“I PURCHASED A CAR WASH FOR $8.3 million, it sits on 1.5 acres & includes a 4,000 SQFT C store AND 4,600 SQFT FUELING ISLAND/service pump CANOPY,” she tweeted.

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“To be honest it’s just another gas station (7-eleven) with a larger than usual car wash. This is prob one of the last ones before the 100% accelerated bonus depreciation rolls off.”

Talking further about the reasoning behind the deal, Amouranth said: “Imagine letting creators invest in (via a PWM Arm) the commercial real estate that the digital entertainment agency & services company that represents them/works with them is housed in. Kinda cool. If nothing else an Uncorrelated investment worth diversifying into.”

Despite the heavy outlay here on her latest 7-Eleven property, fans of the popular streamer will be expecting more investments in the coming years – if she keeps growing her empire and popularity at current rates.

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