Amouranth reveals shocking amount her biggest Twitch “whales” donate every year

amouranth makes money from simpsPixabay/Instagram

Twitch star and OnlyFans model Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed the wild amount of money her three biggest fans would donate to her every single year.

Amouranth has become a household name in the streaming world and one of the most profitable in history having earned millions through her content and subsequent investments.

In addition to owning multiple gas stations, Amouranth has also purchased numerous companies and is absolutely raking in cash on her way to funding an animal sanctuary.

As it turns out, Amouranth has earned quite a lot of her cash from a handful of hardcore Twitch fans and she stunned fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel when she revealed this live on stream.

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amouranth posesInstagram/Amouranth
Amouranth has made a fortune from Twitch and OnlyFans.

Amouranth simps donate $200K on Twitch every year

During a broadcast with xQc, Amouranth claimed that there were three to five guys who would donate over $90,000 each every single year.

This made xQc’s face light up with a look of both bewilderment and intrigue, clearly impressed by the news.

However, the streamer went on to note that growing actually limited the viewers who would donate such a large sum, because they wouldn’t be getting as much attention in a frantic chat.

“When you have 5000 viewers, you probably get that much, just like $90,000 maybe aggregate total for the year, just because the whales aren’t getting their attention from you, because there are so many people in the chat,” she explained. “So they’re not sending as much money.”

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That said, as Amouranth and xQc discussed, there are benefits from having bigger streams, such as making more through ads, subs and funneling people to OnlyFans.

Considering she’s earned over $30M from OnlyFans, it’s safe to say that Siragusa’s plan is working and with such a massive income, it’s only a matter of time before she can fulfill her ultimate career goals.