Andrew Tate’s appeal for release from custody denied for fourth time

Andrew Tate on broadcast in his 'final message' before being detained by Romanian authorities.Vimeo: FreeTopG

Andrew Tate attempted to appeal the 30-day Romanian detention extension handed down to him on February 21, but a judge has now struck it down.

Romanian authorities have held controversial influencer Andrew Tate since December 29, when he and his brother Tristan Tate were detained in Bucharest.

Since then, his detention has been extended three times, with the latest appeal being shot down on February 27, according to The Associated Press.

This result upholds the February 21 ruling that his release date should be moved back until the end of March.

Andrew Tate’s 30-day detention extension approved by judge

Tate is being held on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking and has had three release appeals denied prior to this one. His new date of freedom is March 29, though this trend of extension could spell bad news for the Hustlers University founder.

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The influencer and his team have repeatedly doubled down on his innocence, and he even reportedly plans to sue one accuser for a stunning amount of money upon his release.

The BBC obtained a redacted Cease and Desist letter, and the text makes his legal team’s intentions clear.

“In April 2022, you falsely stated to a third party that our Client human trafficked you, abused you and held you against your will […] You have repeated false and defamatory statements to the police, the media, and another United States citizen about the Tate brothers,” it reads.

The Andrew Tate legal saga is far from over, and now all eyes turn to the end of March to see how it will unfold.

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