Adin Ross says he streamed sexual content to “flex” he could avoid ban

Virginia Glaze
adin ross explains why he streamed adult content on kick

Prominent streamer Adin Ross claims that he broadcast adult content on Kick to “flex” that he could avoid getting banned, as opposed to showing the same materials on Twitch.

Adin Ross has made no bones about his feelings toward Twitch, where he’d made his home for five years until February 2023.

In the months leading up to that point, Ross spoke out against the site’s Terms of Service, claiming that Twitch had threatened to suspend him “indefinitely” due to his content and purportedly wanted to “silence” him.

In February, Ross signed a massive deal to broadcast exclusively on Kick, where he notably showed a website that contained explicit content to his audience for around ten seconds before clicking off.

adin ross kick
Adin Ross was a prominent streamer on Twitch before being permanently banned from the site in February 2023.

However, Ross never received a ban from Kick and continues to stream there on a regular basis. The incident sparked a wave of backlash against the streamer. Many critics were concerned that he’d shown such content to young people, noting that his audience is made up of many younger viewers.

Ross spoke out about the situation during a joint stream with Jidion in March, where he explained why he’d decided to show such content during his Kick broadcast.

Adin Ross explains why he streamed adult content on Kick

According to Adin, he’d decided to stream the content as a way to “flex” that he wouldn’t get banned, as opposed to sites like Twitch that would have hit him with a suspension for the offense.

“Can I ask you a question, bro?” Jidion asked. “What possessed you to actually look up p*rn?”

“‘Cause my whole chat was spamming p*rn, and I just wanted to show, ‘Oh, I can go on p*rn and nothing’s gonna happen to me,” he answered. “I don’t actually watch [it] myself. I pulled it up. I didn’t actually click on any videos. I was just like, ‘Look, this is what you guys wanted. I don’t condone this sh*t.’ And I clicked off.”

“That was stupid as f*ck,” he admitted. “I was just more doing it to flex that I could do it, to show that I could do it. Because we just don’t see streamers pull that up.”

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Ross is far from the only streamer to have shown explicit content on Kick; in February, Heelmike was hit with a ban from the site after seemingly receiving oral sex during a live broadcast.

Conversely, TheDanDangler notably showed adult toys on stream and was not banned, further adding to the controversy surrounding the budding streaming platform.