Adin Ross slams streamers threatening to leave Kick over Ice Poseidon controversy

Kurt Perry
Adin Ross streaming on Kick.

Adin Ross has torn into Kick streamers threatening to not stream on the platform unless Ice Poseidon is banned following the escort controversy.

Kick has been the focus of some unique controversies as of late from Adin Ross’ Kim Jong Un stream to the Ice Poseidon drama. The former OSRS streamer came under fire for allegedly paying a man $500 to hire an escort and broadcast it live on his channel.

The streaming platform quickly responded promising upcoming guideline changes for Kick. These changes are being made to avoid compromising community and public safety in future content, but that’s hasn’t been enough to please everyone.

Some streamers have spoken out against Ice Poseidon and want him banned from Kick, going far as to consider leaving the platform if they don’t get their way.

Adin Ross tears into streamers debating leaving Kick amidst Ice Poseidon drama

Adin Ross did not hold back when giving his thoughts on the streamers threatening to leave Kick if Ice Poseidon doesn’t get banned.

Denouncing those trying to get Ice Poseidon banned, Adin said: “Did anyone see these p**sies that stream on Kick that were like ‘Yeah, we’re not gonna stream on here unless you suspend Ice Poseidon, this is like bullsh*t’. Like, shut the fuck up!”

“It makes me mad because Ice is someone who’s kinda like super authentic and real. He’ll never do some f**ked sh*t behind closed doors. If he does some f**ked sh*t it’s gonna be on camera and his community f**ks them for that,” Ross stated defending the divisive content creator.

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He concluded by giving his thoughts on the nature of those criticizing Ice Poseidon: “It’s like dawg all these crooked ass, p**sy ass, leftist, cancel culture, bullsh*t p**sies are the ones doing this f**ked sh*t behind closed doors. You guys are gonna be hung on trees. I said it, bro.”

As of September 26, Ice Poseidon has not been banned and Kick has shown no intention of stopping him with Ice having streamed over 70 hours of content since the escort incident.

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