Addison Rae reacts to “scary” rumors about her social media hiatus

Virginia Glaze
TikTok star Addison Rae addresses rumors about her hiatus

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]TikTok star Addison Rae took an unannounced hiatus from social media in wake of multiple allegations of racist behavior, prompting some fans to worry about her health — but the star has debunked any wild claims concerning her break.

Rae is one of TikTok’s most popular personalities, having once been part of the famous Hype House content collective and boasting over 49 million followers due to her viral dance videos.

Despite her popularity across multiple platforms, the star came under fire in late June, with critics demanding she address past instances of purportedly problematic and racist behavior.

In wake of the raging claims and accusations, it seems that Rae took a moment to collect her thoughts away from social media, leading to rampant fan speculation regarding her health — with some critics even theorizing that she was pregnant (a claim that was promptly debunked by TikToker Bryce Hall).

Addison Rae mirror selfie
TikTok star Addison Rae has finally addressed the rampant speculation following her unexpected social media hiatus.

Rae was finally seen out in public on July 9, after paparazzi from the Hollywood Fix caught up with the star during a day out with her mother.

“I was just taking a break,” Rae confirmed when asked about her hiatus. “Just for a little bit. You know, a lot of people on social media — sometimes, a lot of things can get to your head. It’s important to have a mental break.”

“Those rumors were scary,” Rae continued, speaking on the speculation that surrounded her internet break. “It’s not something to joke about. For sure. It’s definitely scary.”

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Rae received massive backlash over past offenses ahead of her hiatus, which included dancing to a song that discussed eating disorders in a sponsored post and sharing a video that called the Black Lives Matter movement a “cult,” as well as liking comments that shaded Charli D’Amelio from Fall 2019.

Addison finally broke her silence on social media with a lengthy apology post regarding the Black Lives Matter video she’d shared four years prior, and promised to use her platform to become a “better ally.”

Now, the star has finally been spotted back out and about in the world, having broken her silence regarding the backlash against her and debunking rumors regarding her decision to step back from the small screen.