Madison Beer shows “proof” she didn’t have plastic surgery after rumors

Madison Beer poses on instagramInstagram: Madison Beer

Social media star and musician Madison Beer has revealed “proof” that she hasn’t had plastic surgery in a video posted to her secret TikTok account on Thursday, June 9.

Madison Beer boasts a massive presence on social media, with over 19.5 million Instagram followers and 11 million on TikTok, not to mention her 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube, home for her original songs and music videos.

Many online are convinced that Madison has had plastic surgery, despite her having to deny these claims several times on her various social media accounts.

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Madison Beer poses on InstagramInstagram: Madison Beer
Madison has denied plastic surgery several times

In May, Madison lashed out at fans in a TikTok live, saying: “Guys, I got my lips done when I was younger and I f**king regretted it and I hated it, and I got them dissolved,” Beer admitted. “This is literally my f**king natural face! Shut up already! It’s so annoying! I’m sorry, I’m so mad right now… I’m about to start crying, bro.”

In June, Madison was accused of lying about not having any surgery done on her face. Photos of the star surfaced that showed her standing outside of the Epione Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA.

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The images appeared to look like she was hiding from paparazzi which led many online to believe that she was actually there for a procedure. Madison later hit back at the claims saying that she had attended the clinic to get a mole removed.

She explained: “I was there for a consultation to get a mole removed, (which I shouldn’t even need to clarify ‘cause it’s my business).”

This time, the singer may have finally convinced her critics about not having cosmetic surgery. In a TikTok posted to her private account “Igotcloutfornoreason” on Thursday, Madison zooms in on her face while showing a “before and after.”

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The influencer then showed her nose looking normal from one angle, and then a different shape from another angle, before saying “leave me and my nose alone.”

A comment on the video with more than 70,000 likes said “Yo she lowkey right though.” Another wrote, “she didn’t lie, it’s literally all about angles lmao.”

This time, it looks like fans genuinely believe her.

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