Addison Rae responds after Dixie calls her out for shading Charli D’Amelio

Instagram, @addisonraee / Instagram, @dixiedamelio

TikTok stars are no stranger to drama, and Addison Rae had to clear the air after being called out by Dixie D’Amelio and others for shading her sister Charli earlier in her career.

The timeline is simple. Back in November, before Rae had met and forged friendships with either of the D’Amelio sisters, the popular TikTok star had liked certain comments that questioned Charli’s popularity against Rae’s.

With these liked comments recently coming to light, the star’s older sister, Dixie, came to her defense and called out haters for their “jealousy.”

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Twitter, @dixiedamelio
Dixie defends her sister, Charli, on Twitter.

Like Charli’s quarantine cooking show with Marshmello, there’s more than one cook in the metaphorical kitchen, as some fans believed that Dixie’s ire was actually directed toward Darianka Sanchez, who has recently come under fire for being one of the app’s most hateful stars.

But this beef was confirmed to be about Rae, as she used her Instagram platform to clarify the drama, apologize for her actions, and express how much she loves and supports Charli. 

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Per Rae’s explanation, she was in a very toxic phase of her life following the ending of “an extremely toxic and mentally abusive relationship that tore my heart to shreds,” and this led to her desperately seeking validation at the expense of more successful stars—of which the app has only really had one: Charli.

Rae was clear that she regrets her actions, and doesn’t think the context should excuse them, but most importantly that it’s the 16-year-old’s choice if she’d like to forgive her.

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On the D’Amelio side, Dixie appears to have accepted Rae’s apology and Charli has suggested she is unbothered by the beef. The former has since liked fan made content of her and Rae, as well as Rae’s “live, learn, love” Tweet while the latter has simply posted about being unfazed. 

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It’s hard for anyone to know exactly what went down behind the scenes, but TikTok fans will be sure to continue monitoring the D’Amelio and Rae social accounts to see if the presumed friends continue supporting each other. 

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And if these friendships end over liked comments before they even met, that will only fuel speculation that there’s deeper beef at play here.