Concern ramps up for Eugenia Cooney over “heartbreaking” TikTok videos

Virginia Glaze
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YouTuber Eugenia Cooney is sparking concern from fans as her videos on TikTok go viral, with netizens “heartbroken” over the influencer’s health.

Eugenia Cooney is an OG YouTuber who’s been making content on the platform for over a decade.

However, Cooney has long been a controversial figure due to her health. It’s long been speculated that Cooney deals with an alleged eating disorder, something that she opened up about during her famous appearance in Shane Dawson’s documentary back in 2019.

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Although the influencer later received medical attention and was grateful for fans’ concerns about her, Cooney’s appearance has continued to shock viewers, who often take to her comments section begging the creator to seek help.

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Eugenia Cooney alarms fans as TikTok video goes viral

Cooney has recently been uploading more and more content to TikTok — and one of her more recent videos is raising an alarm within her fanbase.

On September 22, Cooney uploaded a video of herself dancing along to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’ However, viewers weren’t focused on Cooney’s dance moves. Instead, netizens were shocked at Cooney’s appearance, noticing the YouTuber’s incredibly thin appearance.

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The video has racked up over 30 million views as users pour in with concerns about her health.

“This is just so heartbreaking,” one user wrote.

“My jaw should be used to this by now, but every time I keep having to pick it up from the floor. Eugenia.. .girl, come on now,” another said.

“Please help her!” another begged in the comments section.

This is far from the first time fans have spoken out asking Cooney to get medical attention. Even other creators have pleaded for netizens to reach out to her, as seen when YouTube star PewDiePie urged his viewers to reach out to her with support and positivity back in 2019.

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Thus far, it doesn’t appear as though Cooney has responded to the recent influx of commenters expressing concern for her health, but she has been uploading to both her TikTok and YouTube channels quite regularly.

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