Andrew Tate admits he’s “worried” for Adin Ross amid streaming hiatus

Virginia Glaze

Kick streamer Adin Ross has been MIA for weeks after announcing he was going in for surgery, leaving fans — and even Andrew Tate — concerned for his health.

Adin Ross is one of Kick’s most prominent talents, boasting over 1.2 million followers on the broadcasting platform. Although he’s become synonymous with the website over the last year due to his popular streams, he’s been absent since May 25, 2024.

On June 8, he published a tweet saying he was “about to undergo surgery.” While he didn’t say what the procedure was for, he promised to keep fans “updated” — but he was completely silent until July 6.

During this time, fans became worried about their favorite streamer, and even the likes of Andrew Tate claimed he was concerned for his health.

“I’m worried about him,” Tate admitted on a July 7 episode of the ‘ThreadGuy’ podcast. “He went to the hospital, I heard. …I don’t know where he’s gone. I’ve actually messaged him a few times and I don’t know where he’s gone.”

Despite his concerns for Ross, he went on to criticize the 23-year-old streamer for how he’s handled his fame and fortune at his relatively young age.

“I like Adin,” Tate continued. “But he’s a perfect example of why you can’t give people money early. He’s a kid, he doesn’t do any real work. He sits on streaming websites, f*cking gambling [like a] dumbass. He keeps going on and off drugs and just being an idiot.”

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Although he has his criticisms toward Adin, he still says that he “cares about” the young streamer — but thinks he needs a brutal lesson to learn about “the truth” of the world.

“I pray for him and I hope the best for him, but if it was up to me — well, you know what he needs. …he needs to be grabbed by the throat, and he needs the shit kicked out of him. I care about Adin. I would happily kick the living f*ck out of him so that he learns the truth about the world.”

Adin Ross and Andrew Tate’s friendship is no secret. The two have linked up multiple times in the past, and Ross even offered to visit Tate and his brother in jail when the two were detained in 2023.

Adin himself has confirmed that he will return to streaming “any second” now, saying he’s had a “good mental break” away from the internet over the last month.