Addison Rae apologizes after backlash over Instagram post

Published: 7/Jun/2020 12:54

by Daniel Cleary


TikTok superstar Addison Rae has apologized after receiving some backlash for a caption on one of her latest Instagram posts.

Addison Rae is one of the most popular creators on TikTok, with an impressive fan base of over 44 million followers on the app, as well as millions on Instagram and Twitter as well.

However, after the star tried to use that platform to spread awareness about some of the ongoing issues and protests in the US, she was met with some backlash for her approach.

Addison Rae in car on Instagram
AddisonRaee, Instagram
Addison Rae has over 18 million followers on Instagram.

The TikTok star uploaded a series of selfies to Instagram on June 5, but some fans took issue with the fact that she had used a Martin Luther King quote as her caption.

American singer Gus Dapperton was among those to hit out at the influencer, calling her “shallow” for uploading selfies along with her message of support to the BLM movement.

“Just because you caption your selfies with an MLK quote doesn’t mean this isn’t shallow as f***,” he remarked, after re-sharing the post to his Instagram story.

She deleted the caption from the post and apologized to her fans shortly after, claiming that while she does believe in the quote, it might not have been the best way to get her message across.

“My intentions are pure and this quote is something I believe in so deeply,” she explained, apologizing to her fans, “I am so sorry and I’ll take it down.”

Addison has been quite vocal about the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, frequently posting on her social media and has attended some of the protests as well, explaining that it is important to take action wherever possible.

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“ I believe supporting BLM on social media is just as important as what I’m doing outside of it, which I will continue to do,” she shared.

Addison later added that she is still learning how to handle things in the right way and revealed that she will take “full responsibility” for the mistakes she makes while adjusting to her newfound fame.


Onision announces YouTube departure after demonetization

Published: 20/Jan/2021 15:48

by Alice Hearing


James ‘Onision’ Jackson has announced he will be leaving YouTube after being demonetized by the platform following a documentary looking into allegations of sexual abuse.

Onision first joined YouTube in 2006 and became well known for his comedic songs and sketches including the viral “Banana Song.”

Since then, the 35-year-old has become almost notorious for allegations against him of manipulation, grooming, and sexual abuse. This includes a range of disturbing allegations emerging in autumn 2019.

Along with a video also resurfacing of his alleged abusive behavior towards former fiancé Shiloh Hogansen — where he is filmed saying “No one will ever know how much I abuse you” — a series of young girls also came forward with allegations of grooming against him and his then-spouse Kai Anderson.

Onision twitch ban
Twitch: OnisionGames
Onision was banned and then unbanned from Twitch in 2020

Things escalated further when Chris Hansen announced in late October 2019 that he would be collaborating with the FBI on an investigation into Jackson’s behavior, with him interviewing his ex Shiloh as well as two of the young girls who accused him of grooming and manipulation: Billie Dawn Webb and Sarah.

Webb later had her phone number posted online by Jackson in a presumable retaliation against her speaking out. This led to him being banned by Patreon in November 2019 for doxxing.

Onision was also banned from Twitch in January 2020 but was quietly unbanned by the platform in October 2020, sparking a wave of outrage. Many also criticized YouTube for keeping the creator online despite the number of controversies.

However, it seems that YouTube has changed its tune. On Wednesday, January 20, Onision posted a video to his account “OnisionSpeaks” announcing that he was leaving YouTube after the platform had made the decision to demonetize his channel. In the video, he addresses and denies the allegations made against him.

He said, “unfortunately after about 14 years on the platform, because of Shiloh following through with her promise to destroy my life, destroy my career, leave me with nothing, here I am with this email telling me that everything I’ve worked for has come to an end.”

In the video he shows a screenshot of the email that the platform sent to him explaining their reasons for demonetizing his content. YouTube cites “continued allegations of off-platform behavior related to child safety that could cause significant harm to the community.”

This comes a day after Discovery+ aired the final episode of Onision: In Real Life, a documentary hosted by Chris Hansen that examines these allegations.