Where is Addison Rae? Fans concerned over TikToker’s hiatus

Virginia Glaze
Addison Rae's social media hiatus is sparking worry among her fans

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s biggest stars, boasting over 49 million followers on the viral video app — but the influencer has sparked concern throughout her fanbase after disappearing from social media.

Addison Rae may be a popular online entertainer due to her catchy dances and lipsyncing videos, but the TikToker is no stranger to controversy, having come under fire in past weeks over purported racist behavior.

The star caught flak on the net after an older Instagram live stream went viral, which showed the star seeming to whisper to fellow TikToker Kio Cyr to “say the n word” — although Cyr himself argued that she’d asked him if he’d said the word in a reply to the scandal.

That’s not all; fans also took issue with Rae dancing to a song that discussed eating disorders for a sponsored post, as well as allegedly linking to a video that called the Black Lives Matter movement a “cult.”

Kio Cyr Instagram comment
TikToker Kio Cyr argued that Rae had merely asked him if he’d said a racial slur, rather than asking him to say it, as many first suspected.

All this follows the outrage that occurred in early June, after older comments surfaced that appeared to throw shade at Charli D’Amelio, which Rae had liked before they’d become friends.


In wake of the near-constant drama surrounding her from the past few weeks, it seems that Rae has taken an unannounced hiatus from social media — and her silence is drawing concern from her fans.

“I really miss Addison on social media,” one fan Tweeted. “Where is she? What happened?”

While some are worried for her safety, still others are accusing her of avoiding the situation altogether, and are asking her to address the allegations against her.

“Where is miss Addison Rae?” a critic challenged. “Girl, we ain’t forget.”


“Sooo is Addison Rae just like not gonna address her past Tweet where she linked to a video of a woman saying BLM was a cult and all of that?” another questioned.

Despite these criticisms, worry continues to spread across the TikTok fanbase after Rae’s mother, Sherry Nicole, tweeted out a broken heart emoji, causing some to fear that the negative online attention has driven Rae away from content creation.


With Addison having yet to address the matter via social media, all fans can do is watch and wait for her eventual return.

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