Disney Dreamlight Valley players call for key element in full release

Jessica Filby
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Tons of Disney Dreamlight Valley players are calling for Gameloft to add one key element to the game when it exits early access in December.

The announcement that Disney Dreamlight Valley would be leaving early access on December 5, was certainly a welcome one. While it wouldn’t be made free, Gameloft used the announcement and the Showcase to reveal all the exciting new elements coming to the game, from a new paid expansion to characters, recipes, and more.

However, there are still elements fans are calling for, with one standing out as a key element for plenty of players.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players want to bring key furniture back in full release

Disney Dreamlight Valley doors

Sharing their question on Reddit, one user asked the community: “Do you think when the game comes out fully will we finally get doors?”

As many may already know, Disney Dreamlight Valley does in fact have doors, but in recent updates, Gameloft took the ability to purchase and customize them away, meaning many are stuck with the plain design in their homes.

The lack of door variety and inability to personally customize them is clearly frustrating the community, and many took to the comments to echo the poster’s call for them to be added in the full release in December.

“Honestly at this point I’d pay for a pack of just doors. I don’t want to see that green door anymore. Or at least let us change the color of the door. I don’t understand why the doors exist in the first place” explained one user, who felt like DDV should have taken a leaf out of Animal Crossing‘s book with their door design.

Another commenter agreed with the post, stating how “interior doors with windows into the next room, is just so weird. If nothing else, plain doors we can change the colors of would be enough for me,” highlighting the possibility of using the Touch of Magic feature to create new designs.

Many also took to the comments to explain why the lack of doors was so frustrating, highlighting how Gameloft deleted the items and that they’re not currently present in the store: “Hopefully that will be fixed along with the rest of the bug issues. Because Gameloft did say the bug issue for Scrooge’s store will take a while to fix. Will I hope it gets fully fixed by the time the game fully releases by December 5th.”

Whether the door issue is one that needs to be fixed or an element Gameloft is working on fixing remains to be seen but many will have to wait for December 5 and see if it’s added.