Diablo 4’s “worst class” deals most damage with insane new build hitting for billions

Ethan Dean
Diablo 4 Druid

Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant is still more than a week away but that still hasn’t stopped players from crafting builds that are hitting for billions of damage already. One content creator published footage of his character hitting for nearly 2 billion and was still outdone.

Busted builds have been part of the Diablo 4 experience from the beginning. We all remember the glory days of early Whirlwind Barbarian and Twisting Blade Rogue. Blizzard has been swift and effective with the nerf hammer in efforts to maintain some balance.

It shouldn’t be surprising that players are finding new ways to skirt the company with bigger and badder builds in the never-ending struggle for the highest damage output. What might be surprising, however, is the specific class players are using to achieve this.

In a come-from-behind Cinderella story, the once-maligned Druid, one previously labeled the game’s “worst class,” is now practically deleting enemies with insane efficiency. Content creator Moxsy published YouTube videos and tweets showing his Druid’s progression into and beyond one billion damage.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Moxsy glides through a dungeon with a Storm Claw Werewolf build casually decimating mobs. “I bet that was a big number right there on that elite that just disintegrated,” the streamer said.

It certainly was. Just days after posting a screenshot where he hit an enemy for over 900 million, Moxsy nearly doubled that with an impressive 1.8 billion smackdown.

Moxsy took to YouTube for a breakdown of how he was able to achieve the massive damage output. An intricate mix of Legendary Aspects that buff multiple damage types at once on the Druid’s Shred Core skill along with guaranteed Critical Strikes is the answer.

If you thought Moxsy’s build was impressive, less than a day later another Twitter user posted a screenshot of a player achieving 2.1 billion damage with their own Druid. This particular player is using what’s known as a Bulwark detonation build.

It’s unknown whether Moxsy’s build is using features that work as the developers intended so respec at your own peril. The attention this has been getting is sure to draw the eye of Blizzard.

The Druid could be an effective way to breeze through Diablo 4’s upcoming Season 1 Battle Pass. For our own take on how to build one, check out our class guide.