Asmongold slams Diablo 4 Druid as “worst class” he’s played in the game

Asmongold streaming on TwitchAsmongold

Asmongold has labeled the Druid as the “worst class” in the Diablo 4 beta, so here’s what the popular Twitch streamer had to say.

Asmongold has been busy delving into the dark dungeons of Diablo 4, and while his beta playthrough has been largely positive, the Twitch star had some complaints surrounding the Druid class. This shape-shifting unit can effortlessly switch between a ferocious bear or a vicious werewolf to fight the demonic hordes.

The Druid was added during the Diablo 4 beta, featuring alongside classes like the Barbarian, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Unfortunately, when compared to these counterparts, Asmongold believes the Druid just isn’t worth using in its current state. So, here’s what he had to say about the unit’s lackluster performance.

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Asmongold blasts Diablo 4 Druid class

“This character is f*cking horrible, it is so bad. This is the worst class so far that I have played,” explained Asmongold. Previously, Asmongold and the Diablo 4 community had voiced their fears over the disparity between ranged and melee characters. While both Sorcerer and Barbarian feel good to play, commenters were keen to highlight just how easy ranged combat seems.

A lot of these issues seem to stem from Diablo 4’s bosses, which are a lot easier to take down with ranged abilities. Asmongold also noted this during his early impressions video, where he stated that he “didn’t enjoy a lot of the fights as melee” and that enemies felt “obnoxious to play against.”

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While Barbarian and Rogue have the tools and damage to make up for the riskier playstyle, Asmongold believes the Druid is in a really rough spot. This is mainly down to the lack of damage and high cooldowns of the Druid’s abilities. “I don’t want to sit there auto-attacking, just so I can have enough energy to use one spell. Meanwhile, I have Darth Sidious — this Necromancer just [electrifying everything].”

So far, Blizzard has been quick to address in-game issues. In fact, the developers recently stated that they would be buffing the Barbarian’s early game strength, following community complaints. Whether the Druid class will receive a similar buff remains to be seen, but for now, Asmongold appears unimpressed by the shapeshifting class.

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