Diablo 4 players furious as Season 1 is “dead” already

Andrew Highton
diablo 4 character

Even though there was a ton of hype for it, Diablo 4 players think Season 1 is already letting the community down and have compared the content to that of a simple side quest.

We are barely a week removed from the launch of Diablo 4 Season 1. In just that one week alone, players have lashed out at the “predatory” Season Pass system, and even Asmongold has signified that he’s “done” with Blizzard’s newest RPG looter.

The Diablo 4 community has continued to lambast the Season 1 content since it was added. They think that there is nowhere near enough content to justify the game’s historic first season. Even though a recent update has fixed issues with the game, again, it’s the wider problem that has been outed by players.

Diablo 4 Season 1 content “is a joke”

One of the star additions of Diablo 4 Season 1 is the welcoming of Malignant Hearts. The new items are stacked with many different powers to experiment with. Alongside them, there are new Aspects, a new boss, and not much else.

This has led to frustrated Diablo 4 user Senorragequit declaring: “The seasonal content is non-existent.” They explained: “Seriously, I got my current gear slotted and have some better hearts in my stash. Now my contact with the seasonal content is actually 0% or 0.1% if you count the very rare things you stumble upon. All in all, this season’s content feels more like a side quest than anything that “corrupted” the game world.”

One top comment added: “This was obvious the moment it was revealed. Essentially classes got 3 new Aspect slots and that’s it. No other new content added. Whereas another user said: “It’s hilarious that they added a new boss and bragged about it and literally the only reason to ever kill it is to farm a few 800 power sacred items for an alt, rofl.”

Another D4 player summed up the thoughts of many: “This entire seasonal content is a joke. I was expecting so much more. Boy was I wrong.”

Diablo Season 1 vs Expansion DLC

There may still be some confusion in the Diablo 4 community about what Seasons in Diablo games are supposed to be, especially for players who are new to the series.

Seasons essentially just offer a new, themed, way to play the game with a couple of gimmicks designed to boost replayability. They aren’t supposed to be considered expansions or DLC, that content is coming, but so far no release date has been confirmed.

There are many weeks to go until Diablo 4 Season 2 drops and the community will need to contend with the new content until then. However, they will need to combat strange camera bugs and game-breaking Resource Burn bugs as well.

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