Diablo 4 players demand urgent fix for game-breaking Resource Burn bug

Ethan Dean
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There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Diablo 4 bugs. One discovered recently on Reddit could make certain Nightmare Dungeons unplayable for most builds.

Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant has been a bumpy ride for the developers and a lot of the players. The seasonal patch was met with widespread vitriol, and bugs are still plaguing the game.

Some are welcomed by the community because they reduce some of the perceived hassles of the game by letting you skip part of the battle pass grind. Other bugs, like one that could potentially cost players millions of gold, are heavily criticized.

The most recently discovered bug falls into the latter category. Reddit user Emotional_Engine9 posted that a bugged Nightmare Dungeon Affix is applying the dreaded Resource Burn status to every enemy in the dungeon.

Resource Burn is a status condition of sorts that causes attacks from enemies to damage both your health and your class’s primary resource. Each class has a resource like Spirit or Fury that they use to cast powerful core skills that are essential to most builds.

The Affix in question is supposed to up the challenge of a Nightmare Dungeon by adding Resource Burn to enemy attacks from a distance. Unfortunately, multiple players are reporting that this particular affix is also applying Resource Burn to melee-focused enemies as well.

Multiple users have confirmed that they’re experiencing the same issue with this particular Affix. “I ran a NM Dungeon last night with my Barb and literally could not attack because even the close monsters were draining my fury to zero,” one user replied in the thread.

Other players say that even without the bug, Resource Burn is a problem mechanic. “The Resource Burn affix could be nerfed in half and I would still salvage every sigil that rolls it,” one said. “It needs to be reworked or removed altogether.”

Malignant Enemy Diablo 4
The season’s new Malignant enemies will commonly have a Resource Drain status effect

There were a few people in the thread who had found ways of using creative builds to skirt the problem entirely. The application of certain Legendary Aspects and skills eliminated cooldowns on certain abilities at a consistent enough rate that they had forgone resource-dependent abilities altogether.

It’s currently unclear whether this bug is a known issue by the team at Blizzard. It may be addressed in a future hotfix or the impending Patch 1.1.1, which is the focus of the next Fireside Chat.

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