Diablo 4 players report encountering strange camera bug

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 camera bug

Diablo 4 players have reported instances of a strange camera bug that occurs during seemingly random quests.

The developers at Blizzard Entertainment continue working through Diablo 4’s issues, offering gameplay-related bug fixes and balance adjustments.

For example, the latest patch – update 1.1.0c – addresses crash issues, movement errors on controllers, and more. But users have been stumbling across another problem that takes them out of the experience.

And, at the time of writing, it seems Blizzard has yet to acknowledge the glitch’s existence. Hopefully, that will not remain the case for too much longer.

Diablo 4 fans keep encountering this bizarre camera bug

On the Diablo subreddit, a poster who goes by bledolikiq shared gameplay footage of the camera error they encountered fairly early in the game.

The short clip shows the player trying to leave the Blacksmith’s shop in Kyovashad, only to find that the camera isn’t following along. No matter which door the user walks through, the camera maintains its focus on the Blacksmith.

According to various responses in the Reddit thread, this person isn’t the only one who’s had to endure the camera bug in Diablo 4. One reply reads, “I had this with a side quest giver, very strange!”

“Happened to me with [a] side quest with some priest that wanted me to light a bonfire,” another player responded.

Apparently, it’s a relatively easy fix, though there seem to be a number of possible solutions. A couple of people said mounting up should do the trick. Others suggested opening a town portal. And one more person offered the advice of backing out to the main menu.

The above post shows the glitch taking place on Diablo 4’s PC version, but it’s unclear if console players have encountered a similar problem. Either way, if and when a fix for the camera bug will go live is not known.